"ZEHUS A.I.O. PYŌRA” electric-bike

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*preorders available for second half of 2024


the perfect urban folding bike, folded in just three quick steps and easy to lift

fits in every car trunk

designed specifically for urban life

fast and agile, so you can easily navigate through busy traffic

the oversized tires are not afraid of cobblestones, curbs or tram rails

18” Wheels

aluminium frame

carbon belt drive

folding pedals

available in different colours

74 x 65 x 35 cm folded

100kg max recommended rider weight

bespoke gearing ratios

neutral handling with all power going to the rear wheel

easy to upgrade to future generations of the e-motor

equipped with "TILE" bluetooth tracker

optional GEN2 remote available separately

no noticeable resistance with assist turned off




super-efficient direct-drive system

all the needed components in a tiny and elegant rear bike hub

brushless motor, batteries, electronics and sensors, everything stays within 180mm diameter and 120mm width

with a battery capacity of ~180Wh and a weight of just over 3kg

brake-regen for maximum efficiency

bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your smartphone* (iOS and android supported) to your ZEHUS device to select your favourite power mode, manage your trip data and even lock the bike

thanks to the ZEHUS app, your smartphone acts also as a gateway throughout the ZEHUS community, allowing you to access services such as online diagnosis, bike-oriented navigation, mobility stats and other social functions (e.g. find a stolen bike)

~180Wh battery

40Nm max torque


videos on our “TECHNOLOGIES” page


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