"LEONARDO" Titanium Carbon-Belt-Drive

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Less weight, no derailleurs = MORE FUN!

Titanium frame-set

Chain or Carbon Belt Drive

Front Disc Brake

Carbon Fork

Single-Speed, Efneo 3-Speed Internal Gearbox or Enviolo Stepless-Transmission



GTRO 3-speed front gearbox is perfect for trekking, hybrid, urban, single speed, city and folding bikes as well as for off road non-competition bikes and e-bikes.

Immediate gear change, much quicker and easier than with a front derailleur.

Change gear when pedalling or at a standstill. 

No chain-skewing and reduced maintenance.

Handlebars shifter.



Stepless shifting enables a continuous motion between the gear ratios allowing you to cycle at your exact desired cadence. Switching gears is a thing of the past.

enviolo lets you change gear ratio in any ride condition without ever having to stop pedaling or backpedal.

enviolo’s enclosed hub offers protection against external influences which increases durability and extends product lifetime.

Our 310% – 380% ratio range allows rides in any type of environment. Ride up a hill with ease on a cargo bike or go at high speed for a sportive ride. There’s an ideal ratio for every rider.

enviolo’s hubs offer a near silent and smooth ride. No more sounds of a jumping chain or clicking of the controller, just the sounds of your surroundings.

Twist-Grip handlebars shifter



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