"LEONARDO Fixed" Titanium 1/2-Fixed-Gears Carbon-Belt-Drive

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Less weight, no derailleurs = MORE FUN!

Titanium frame-set

Chain or Carbon Belt Drive

Carbon Fork

Single or double fixed-gears thanks to Schlumpf 2-Speed Internal Gearbox with Foot-Button Shifter



Schlumpf Mountain-Drive, 2-Speed Internal Gearbox, adds an extra, short, climbing gear. The extremely flat planetary gearbox shrinks the gear ratio by a huge factor of 2.5. Shifting while standing still or under heavy load on a mountain road is not a problem; a simple kick with your heel and the fun can start.
Push on the right crank-arm to shift down, push on the left one to shift back into direct drive. No cables, no shifters.
Symmetrical clutch allows full torque in both directions, both forward and back, making it compatible with coaster brakes and fixed-gear bikes without a rear brake.


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