"PENDIX mid-drive LEONARDO" titanium electric-bike

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unstoppable energy, straightforward interface

promptly built to order from pristine new components

all-terrain puncture-resistant tyres

large diameter tubes titanium frame and fork

aluminium bars and stem

aluminium rims and crank-set

quickly replaceable hydraulic disc-brakes

bespoke gearing, based on your use case

easy to maintain or upgrade, external cable routings and no proprietary standards

GATES carbon belt drive

brown microsuede, or black sport saddle and grips

aluminium pedals with removable stainless steel toe clips

eyelets for mudguards and racks

wide rims allow for a vast selection of SCHWALBE tyre sizes

step-through versions available on request

pics provided for final approval before shipping

uncompromised handling with all power going to the rear wheel

custom motor integration with reduced Q-factor

no noticeable resistance with assist turned off

can also be converted into a conventional push-bike or regularly upgraded to future generations of the e-motor

equipped with "tile" bluetooth tracker


direct-drive, super-efficient system with no internal reduction gears

available with two interchangeable battery options - the ePOWER300 and ePOWER500

charging is also easy, with just one movement of your hand, you release the battery from the holder on the bicycle frame

the ePOWER is simply placed on the included power station and your Pendix eDrive is ready for use in no time at all

up to three modes for maximum cycling fun

the ECO, SMART and SPORT support levels can be selected quickly and precisely using the rotary knob on the battery. This allows you to find your personal rhythm every time you ride

noiseless and maintenance-free system

mid-mounted motor with optimal weight distribution

IP65 water and dust resistant

hardly noticeable when the engine is switched off or the battery is empty

~300/500Wh battery

~65Nm max torque

videos on our ‘TECHNOLOGIES’ page

get in touch for more details or to discuss specific requirements


53cm (centre-top) seat-tube

53cm (centre-centre) effective top-tube

11.5cm head-tube

74° seat-tube angle

~53mm B.B. drop


56cm (centre-top) seat-tube

56cm (centre-centre) effective top-tube

11.5cm head-tube

74° seat-tube angle

~53mm B.B. drop