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"OEM A.I.O. NERA" electric-bike

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steel frame and fork

aluminium seat-post, bars and stem

aluminium rims and crank-set

front and rear calliper brakes

choice of handlebars

can be converted into a conventional push-bike

easy to upgrade to future generations of the e-motor

equipped with "tile" bluetooth tracker

no noticeable resistance with assist turned off



developed to our specifications

compact and lightweight rear hub containing motor, batteries and controller

built-in slope sensor intelligently increases power when riding uphill

dedicated iOS and ANDROID app

minimalist handlebars control, to manually adjust the level of assistance without the app, it connects via bluetooth and features a small solar panel for maximum efficiency

~180Wh battery

30Nm max torque


perfect for trekking, hybrid, urban, single-speed, city and folding bikes, as well as for off-road non-competition bikes, e-bikes and trikes

can shift to first gear from a standstill, like in a car, or under load

immediate gear change, quicker and easier than a front derailleur

no chain-skewing and chain-dropping, even when paired with a rear derailleur

reduced maintenance, no lubrication necessary

heavily tested (on-road, off-road, laboratory and winter tests)

1:1 / 1:1.43: / 1:1.79 ratios

direct-drive 1st gear, second and third are incremental

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