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Naked Titanium frame and Fork

Regular Chain or Gates Carbon Belt Drive

Easily replaceable Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Road or Gravel Tyres

Eyelets for mudguards and racks

Track Dropouts

Single Speed, 5, or 10 internal gear versions, with up to ~500% range

1 or 2 Fixed Gears versions with the Schlumpf front gearbox

*Fixed-Gear versions come with carbon fork, rim brakes and the option of drop bars. A front disc brake can still be arranged on request

Step-through versions also available as pre-orders

Predisposed for electric conversion with our Pendix and Zehus/BIKE+ kits  



5-Speed internal gear hub with gear ratio of 243%
• Gear steps of 25%, 25%, 25% and 25% 
• Rotary gear selector without protrusions outside the frame
• Designed for heavy duty use
• 6061 Aluminium hub shell 



Schlumpf Mountain Drive Internal Gearbox makes you gain a very low additional gear upfront, which enables you to climb even the most extreme inclines easily.

The extremely flat planetary gearbox shrinks the gear ratio by a huge factor of 250%. Shifting while standing still or under heavy load on a mountain road is not a problem; a simple kick with your heel and the fun can start.

Push on the right crank-arm to shift down, push on the left one to shift back into direct drive. No cables, no shifters.

Symmetrical clutch allows full torque in both directions, both forward and back-pedalling, making it compatible with coaster brakes and fixed gear bikes without a rear brake.

Optional Easy-Shift plates cover the whole arm, making in possible to shift by pushing on a larger area, best for clip-less pedals.


More on our ‘Technologies’ page



53cm (Centre-Top) Seat-Tube

53cm (Centre-Centre) Effective Top-Tube

11.5cm Head-Tube

74° Seat-Tube Angle

53mm B.B. Drop



56cm (Centre-Top) Seat-Tube

56cm (Centre-Centre) Effective Top-Tube

11.5cm Head-Tube

74° Seat-Tube Angle

53mm B.B. Drop