"FIXED LEONARDO" titanium 1/2-fixed-gears bike

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velodrome, city and beyond

promptly built to order from pristine new components

large diameter tubes titanium frame

titanium or carbon fork

fully articulated titanium seat-post, positive/negative reversible offset

bullhorn bars and bar-end brake levers for best compromise between comfort and performance (drop or flat bars available on request)

front and rear rim brakes with carbon fork, or front disc and rear rim brakes with titanium fork

aluminium handlebars, stem, rims and crank-set

GATES carbon belt-drive or standard chain

bespoke gearing, based on your use case

easy to maintain or upgrade, external cable routings and no proprietary standards

brown microsuede or sport black saddle and grips

aluminium pedals with removable stainless steel toe clips

eyelets for mudguards and racks

track dropouts

wide rims allow for a vast selection of SCHWALBE tyre sizes

pics provided for final approval before shipping

1 or 2-fixed-gears versions with SCHLUMPF-DRIVE front gearbox and easy-shift crank-arm plates

rear wheel can be flipped and fixed cog repositioned to freewheel-side

step-through versions also available as pre-orders

compatible with our PENDIX, ZEHUS, BIKE+ and OEM electric motors

equipped with 'TILE' bluetooth tracker

also available as a standalone frame-set


the super-flat planetary gearbox (only 10mm wide), blends in alongside the chainring in a seamless fashion

change gear

with a simple kick of the heel on the side buttons, while standing still or under heavy load

low maintenance

no cables, levers or derailleurs

high efficiency, high quality materials, ensure great longevity

symmetrical clutch allows full torque in both pedalling directions, making it compatible with coaster brakes and fixed-gear bikes without a rear brake

the optional EASY-SHIFT plates, available on request, cover the whole crank arms and allow for shifting by pushing on a larger area, best for clip-in pedals

SPEED-DRIVE ratios: direct-drive : 165%

MOUNTAIN-DRIVE ratios: 40% : direct-drive (for even the steepest climbs)

videos on our ‘TECHNOLOGIES’ page

get in touch for more details or to discuss specific requirements


53cm (centre-top) seat-tube

53cm (centre-centre) effective top-tube

11.5cm head-tube

74° seat-tube angle

~53mm B.B. drop


56cm (centre-top) seat-tube

56cm (centre-centre) effective top-tube

11.5cm head-tube

74° seat-tube angle

~53mm B.B. drop