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Less weight, fewer gears = More fun!

The practicality of a fast, sturdy 20” wheels bike:

- Front and rear V-Brakes

- Stainless steel spokes

- Aluminium rims and crankset

& the latest and most advanced electric bike technology on the market:

Minimal charging up times or no charging up at all in BIKE+ mode.

All the needed components in a tiny and elegant rear bike hub. Brushless motor, batteries, electronics and sensors. Everything stays within 180 mm diameter and 120 mm width. With a battery capacity of 160 Wh and a weight of just 3 kg our all in one hub has the highest energy/weight ratio on the market. 

Brake regen for maximum efficiency. 

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your smartphone* (iOS and android supported) to your Zehus device to select your favourite power mode, manage your trip data and even lock the bike. Thanks to the bitride app, your smartphone acts also as a gateway throughout the bitride community, allowing you to access to services such as online diagnosis, bike-oriented navigation, mobility stats and other social functions (e.g. find a stolen bike). 

BIKE+ technology represents the 3rd generation of e-bikes. With a Zehus powered bike, you have the first e-bike that does not need to be recharged! Helping when you need it and recharging the battery where your body can deliver it, BIKE+ technology seamlessly optimize your efficiency while riding, decreasing your effort by 30-40% (in an urban trip). It is the first non-plugin parallel hybrid bike!

~15kg including the electric system

* Efneo’s GTRO 3-speed front gearbox is perfect for trekking, hybrid, urban, single speed, city and folding bikes as well as for off road non-competition bikes and e-bikes. Immediate gear change, much quicker and easier than with a front derailleur.
Change gear when pedalling or at a standstill. 
No chain-skewing and reduced maintenance.